We, at Numerus Biology, are not just creating supplements; we're redefining the aging narrative through groundbreaking research. Our commitment to scientific excellence has led us to develop NB1™, a product at the forefront of cellular aging science.

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NAD+ Decline is a key driver of Cellular Ageing

Feeling those Subtle Yet Inevitable Aging Signs

Despite exercise and good nutrition, you might still experience gradual energy reduction, mental fog and inflammation, common signs of aging

NAD+ is the powerhouse behind every cell in your body.

But as time passes, your NAD+ levels naturally drop—by the time you're 60, you may have just half the NAD+ you did in your younger days.

By replenishing NAD+, NB1™ Cellular Energy and Renewal supports your body's essential functions.

Supports Energy Production

NB1™ Cellular Energy & Renewal
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Supports Cellular Repair

NB1™ Cellular Energy & Renewal
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Supports Sleep and Brain Function

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Supports Skin, Hair and Nails

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NB1™: The Key to Sustained Energy and Reduced Ageing Signs

Scientific Foundation: Rigorously researched formula for trusted efficacy.

Geroprotective Power: 10 potent compounds to protect against cellular ageing.

120 Capsules, 30 Day Supply: Build a healthy daily habit with 4 capsules daily.

Proudly Australian: Locally manufactured to the highest standards of excellence.

Quality Assured: Registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

NB Range Targets the 9 Hallmarks of Ageing

Numerus Biology™ is designed with you in mind. Our NB range zeroes in on the 9 hallmarks of aging, using science-backed formulations to tackle each challenge head-on.

With us, you're not just managing aging; you're unlocking your full potential.

Delve into the realm of enhanced healthspan with Numerus Biology™ and embark on a transformative journey tailored for you. Join us and take the next step in your health journey.

Introducing the NB Range: Targeting the Hallmarks of Aging

NB1™ Cellular Energy and Renewal

Energise your cells and defend against the signs of aging with NB1™. Our scientifically-formulated blend enhances NAD+ levels, vital for cellular energy. With NB1™, combat fatigue, shield your DNA from daily stressors, and embrace a revitalised life.

NB2™ Immune Reset

Revitalise your immune system with NB2™. This advanced supplement targets stem cell exhaustion, a significant hallmark of aging. As we age, the stem cells rejuvenating our immune system can diminish. Availability: Early next 2024

NB3™ Muscle & Bone

Strengthen your physical foundation with NB3™. This advanced formula addresses "Deregulated Nutrient Sensing", a key aging hallmark, ensuring the robustness of your muscles and bones. Availability: Early 2024.

NB4™ Brain & Mind

Elevate your cognitive functions with NB4™. This advanced supplement focuses on "Altered Intercellular Communication", a crucial aging hallmark, ensuring your brain operates at its optimal level. Availability: Early 2024.

NAD Booster for Cell Health
NB2™ Immune Reset
NB3™ Muscle & Bone
NB4™ Brain & Mind

Welcome to Numerus Biology™

In the world of supplementation, we stand resolute for the determined. For those who delve into their metrics but seek to transcend them, Numerus Biology™ offers unmatched precision.

Our NB range, anchored by our flagship NB1™, is the culmination of rigorous research and a commitment to going beyond mere numbers.

Registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), NB1™ targets the essence of cellular energy, embodying our belief in being more than your number. With us, every step is a stride towards an optimised health journey that transcends metrics.

Curious about the science and story behind our commitment?