Harnessing Cellular Vigor: The Science Behind NB1™ Innovation

Harnessing Cellular Vigor: The Science Behind NB1™ Innovation

Nov 22, 2023Rory Macleod


Introduction to NB1™: Pioneering Cellular Health

At Numerus Biology, we are committed to offering best-in-class products, as exemplified by our foundational offering,NB1™, Cellular Energy and Renewal.


The Science of NAD Boosters: NR vs. NMN

This innovative formulation goes beyond the typical NAD booster by including critical components like NR, which has effects comparable to NMN (currently not available in Australia), to bolster cellular health.

Rigorously backed by science, our products also meet the strict standards of the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and are proudly made in Australia.

In a landscape of fleeting trends, we stand firm in delivering solutions that bring cutting-edge science into everyday life, supporting individuals across different life stages.

Aligning with Medicine 3.0: A Proactive Health Philosophy


We align with Dr. Peter Attia, a renowned healthspan expert from North America, in his advocacy for 'Medicine 3.0' —a proactive approach to health management that addresses potential issues before they require treatment. He notes Healthspan as "constituting a measure of cognitive, physical and emotional health". 


Dr Peter Attia


Beyond Single Ingredients: The Full Spectrum of Cellular Health

Our philosophy looks beyond the temporary allure of NAD boosters. We understand that while ingredients like NR and NMN are important, they alone do not encompass cellular health.

Cellular well-being is achieved through a synergy of lifestyle choices and supplements that support a variety of cellular functions.

NB1™, with its blend of 10 powerful nutrients, is crafted not just for transient cellular stimulation but for the sustained revival of cellular energy production. Regular consumption of NB1™ will not only act like a NAD booster, but more importantly assist in reactivating the body’s natural NAD production pathways, echoing the cellular vitality of youth. This will assist in catalysing a significant reduction in inflammation and encourages cells to prioritise their own repair and regeneration processes.

An efficiently operating cell provides a foundation for improved body functions, including benefits to skin, muscle, and internal systems. Much like how exercise alone isn't sufficient for peak health,NB1™ employs a unique combination of nutrients that are potent individually and even more effective in synergy. Future blog posts will delve deeper into the unique characteristics and interactions between these ingredients.

This discussion underlines the intricacies of cellular health and the limitations of any single-supplement strategy. It highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to enhancing healthspan.

NAD Booster for Cell Health


Global Wisdom, Local Excellence: The Numerus Biology Advantage

With Numerus Biology and our NB range, we offer an authentic and invigorating journey. We draw upon and disseminate vital knowledge from a worldwide network of scientists and experts, ensuring our products deliver consistent, long-term results.

NAD Booster for Cell Health

Our mission transcends the promotion of individual ingredients; we advocate for a broader healthspan strategy that includes balanced exercise, proper nutrition, restorative sleep, and proactive supplementation—nurturing a culture of lasting well-being.

Choosing Numerus Biology means you're not just selecting NAD boosters; you're engaging with a scientifically validated pathway to improved cellular health. Join us as we lead the way into a new epoch of well-being, propelled by the validated benefits of NB1™.


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