Numerus Biology™ is exclusively for the dedicated.

Our Philosophy

In the breadth of health and wellness, beliefs have come to dominate whether something will work or not.

A lack of numbers and false promises dominate the narrative. Metrics, measurements, and data points have lost their relevance when it comes to a lot of supplementation. 

At Numerus Biology™, while we deeply respect the importance of numbers and measurement. We stand for those who are dedicated in the constant pursuit of improving their metrics.

Whether it be a PB, VO2 Max, Output, Calories, Biological age or being stronger or fitter than the day before, Numerus Biology was created so you can truly be more than your number.

Our Origins

Our journey began amidst a sea of supplements, each echoing promises grounded in words. But we saw a gap—a need for a more simple and measured understanding. 

Our founders, a synergistic blend of experts from science, nutrition, and human performance, came together with a singular vision: to craft products that not only align with the numbers but extends one's health beyond them.

The NB Range: Precision Meets Passion

Each product, rigorously formulated and backed by existing and emerging research, is a testament to our commitment.

Our flagship product, NB1™, stands as an example of this dedication. With over two years of development, and registered with theAustralian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), NB1™ is more than just a supplement – it is a combination of compounds targeting your cells ability to produce energy.

This is not something you can get from just good diet and exercise alone. 

Beyond Metrics: Our Commitment to You

At Numerus Biology™, we're not just about supplements; we're about a movement.

A movement that encourages everyone to delve deep into their health metrics, understand them, and then rise above.

We're here to guide you on this journey, providing you with the tools, knowledge, and products to help you be more than your number

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to explore the world of Numerus Biology™, where science meets precision, and numbers are just the beginning.

Dive deep into our research, understand our philosophy, and discover products that are crafted and registered.

With us, every ingredient, inclusion and claim is backed by third party verification and testing, so you can trust what we say is exactly what you will get.